About Us

Hey! I am Jenn the creator of Locker 55. Thanks so much for being here! I've come to learn after years of graphic design, that apparel is my favorite place to be! I wanted to create something that would be beneficial for an entire family.

As a family, two of our favorite things to do together is watch sports and go to Disneyland. Before each trip I often spend hours searching for the perfect shirt for my three boys and something my husband would even dare wear. I knew something was missing in the market. Being an avid sports watcher I fell in love with the vintage sports aesthetic. From jerseys to p.e. tees I felt mixing that with Disney would give the feel I was continuously search for.

1955 also happens to be the year mine and my husband's Dads were born. We got to go with my family for the first time since I was 12 years old at the end of 2019. My Dad (who is not an avid Disney-er) was stoked to walk into the gift shop and find something with his last initial "D" and a 55 on it (his birth year). That confirmed that I had to build something around that!

Each line is meticulously thought out to create the perfect combination for each member of the family. If you're not quite into everyone in the same shirt, each line coordinates with one another to still give your family a cohesive look.

We hope you find something you love here and find a magical combination.